Outdoor/Studio Life Style Sessions

What to wear?

Pick out a few colour pops to coordinate between subjects when working with a palette of softer tones or neutrals.
Soft tones look beautiful together. Pinks work well with greys and blues. They complement each other than just add a cream jumper or socks and so on…

Coordinate your outfits, but don’t match. Grey, lavender, purple and rose maybe a small amount of pattern on a dress or t-shirt but to make sure all the colours blend well. Adding a bit of texture can also be interesting, frills and lace.

Little boys and men look great in denim and subtitle pattern shirts in pastel colours. Dark blue or faded it all looks great, it is a time ages look that will never go out of fashion.

sometimes just a very simple accessory will make a difference. A straw hat borrowed from mummy and simple details on a dress can make a bold statement. Bare feet running through the grass adds a sense of magic to the image.

Layers and texture
are beautiful and create interest in photos. I love using multiple textures and layers, especially important when working with a colour palette a bit on the neutral side (with a subtle pop here and there). when I say textures one of the ways to achieve this is with different clothing materials and accents – tweed, crochet and embroidery details, lace, knitted items, ribbons, ruffles, etc… Also, different layers of clothing and accessories can add another dimension to the overall texture of the image. The details and added depth are especially important in black and white images. and it can be done beautifully with colourful brights or just a pop of colour here and there as well.

Patterns are good – in moderation!
Patterns can add visual interest and texture as well as a good dose of personality. Just make sure that either just one person in pattern with the rest of the subjects in simple, more solid colour pieces or the patterns are subtle and complementary. (for instant, a tiny polka dot tie on a little boy next to his sister/s bold blocked pattern can look very complimentary).

I think wellies look cute with a pretty dress. With an outdoor session, it helps to add a visual interest in the image and tell a story of the day. Soft brown shoes and or suede boots look just as good. Best of all is bare feet!

What to avoid!
Avoid anything with logos, graphics, characters, etc. These tend to take the ‘finished’ look of the portrait down a few notches, can be distracting. You do not want people to spot these logos first you want you or your child to be in the spotlight.
do not make everyone wear the same colour – match is boring and dated. Try to avoid obvious trends that will soon be dated.
No white bright socks and no trainers unless we’re talking about something fashion forward and simple like Converse. Also be sure to remove watches and jewellery not complementary to the session look.

Do you remember Holly hobby? or bohemian styles?

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Studio Sessions

What to wear?

Studio sessions do not need to be boring either. We have custom designed days and a selection of backdrops. Depending on what you have chosen then you will be sent an email with all the details on.

Studio session follows the same pattern as our outdoor sessions, on what to wear. Unless you have a custom set that we need to blend the colours to that theme.

I will always base colour selections around your ideas, you might have subtitle colours in the living room or the bedroom. That your final photography needs to match. Or, you may have bright colours and need something based around that.

Either way, I will guide you to use the correct creative colours so that the final image will stand the test of time.

Christmas Session & Family Sessions

What to wear?

What To Wear In Christmas Photos | Ten Tips Just For You

Now, keep in mind, these are beginners tips. If you are a seasoned pro at getting the family dressed up for picture day, feel free to go rogue. Wear what you like. Get bold, get goofy and be classy. If you are new at the whole pro-photo game, I hope some of these tips will give you some ideas and be a good starting place for you.

This is my first and foremost tip when it comes to Christmas card portraits.

1. Dress for the same season.

A cotton Christmas sweater looks great, with some gloves and hats it looked like we were dressed for the season. You can go super cosy or super breezy–just be sure your family looks like they could all be put in the same setting comfortably.

{As a side note…also a dress with the same level of class. One in a cocktail dress and one in a hoodie are bound to look awkward.}

2. Jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves.

I’m totally behind sporting outdoors winter wear to an indoor Christmas photo session. But–like most things, there are guidelines. A cute coat on the dressy side is good. Wearing your ski/sledging clothing as it looks frumpy. A fashionable hat or even something on the super warm and silly side is great. A ski mask is terrifying.

3. Don’t be over realistic.

Staged Christmas card photos are not meant to be a window into reality. They are created to be a little whimsical and fun. {At least mine are!} So, although you wouldn’t normally wear a jacket inside, or snow boots with cute jeans or hats and scarves without coats–it’s totally cool to do in your Christmas photo.

It’s also totally cool to go classy in your Christmas portraits. You might not want to go super dressy in a photo that will hang year-round in your home. So Christmas photos are a great time to get a little fancy, even if that’s not how you usually roll.

4. Think about fabric and texture.

Cozy is the word I love to use when I think about winter portraits. With that in mind, try to incorporate something cosy into your outfits. Flannel is a classic choice. It never gets old. Textured sweaters or a scarf with an interesting knit is also a good way to cosy. Layers are also a good choice and they add variety to an outfit.

5. Uniforms.

Your photos are not formal pictures. They aren’t private school. They aren’t the military. So please, please do not put your family in a uniform. Your photos will be lovely if you use things from your closets that your family likes to wear–even if that means you aren’t all dressed identically. This is a short session, to be displayed for a short time. So be a little more relaxed.

6. Going neutral.

Sticking with a dress code of neutrals is a very safe way to make sure your family looks awesome in your photos. Neutrals can mean a variety of things. Mix any of these colours {bonus points if they are cosy} and you’ll look great: Cream, tan, brown, grey, navy blue, pale blue, black, muted yellows.

7. Adding colour.

If you’d like to add colour but are nervous about it–this tip is for you. Whatever you do, don’t panic and put everyone in black pants and a blue top.

Instead, stick with a mostly neutral pallet, then weave a colour or two throughout your family. Use the colour as boldly or as sparingly as you like, but make it consistent. You can go with one bright pop of colour, or weave a colour throughout to keep everyone consistent. These images do a great job of demonstrating how you can add pops of colour to your outfits without looking cheesy.

Good colours to incorporate are red {classic Christmas choice}, green, and yellow, blue.

8. Going colourful.

Like we said earlier, Christmas photos don’t have to be realistic. So, even though your family might not normally go overboard with color–if you are feeling vibrant this is a good time to make it happen. The key to going with lots of colours is to make sure they have similar intensity {how vibrant they are}, are from the same colour family {cool colours like blue, green, aqua, etc or warm colours like orange, yellow, red, etc.}, or they compliment each other.

9. Don’t be bossy.

Your husband and your family will look much happier during the portrait session if they feel good about what they are wearing. Let them look normal. Let them wear things they will wear again. You do not need to all look like you are all bosses of a massive company. It’s all about the fun and loving side of your family, something that shows your personality.

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